Live Draws

Join us for our live draws! You will find them all here. If you missed any, feel free to take a look back at them.

Our live draws are held on Facebook Live and can be viewed on our website. On the live draw we take a short walk around our hanger and then reveal the winner of our latest competition. Sometimes there may be more than one car being given away however we will always advertise when the draw will be and what the prizes will be..

We withhold the right to call the draw early or extend it based off our ticket sales. Once a certain number of tickets have been sold, we can then guarantee the draw for a certain date.

We use google random number generator to pick the lucky ticket number. We’re fully transparent about how we do this and can be seen entering the numbers live on the draw. This allows both the viewers watching and ourselves to discover the winner in real time.

Live Draw: Thursday 16th December, 2021
Live Draw: Thursday 25th November, 2021
Live Draw: Thursday 11th November, 2021
Live Draw: Sunday 31st October, 2021
Live Draw: Thursday 28th October, 2021
Live Draw: Thursday 21st October, 2021
Live Draw: Thursday 7th October, 2021
Live Draw: Thursday 23rd September, 2021
Live Draw: Thursday 9th September, 2021
Live Draw: Thursday 19th August, 2021
Live Draw: Thursday 12th August, 2021
Live Draw: Friday 6th August, 2021
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