1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Tribute

Congratulations to Lyall Logan, winner of the 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Tribute.

Winner: Lyall Logan
Ticket No: 6128

The Live Draw for this competition was held on Thursday 16th December 2021.

Congratulations to Lyall Logan, winner of our 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Tribute.

The Ford Mustang. An Icon of performance, power, and style. The original Pony car which started it all. Beginning in 1964, the Mustang took the world by storm. Ford gave its customers the show and go for a reasonable price. Then, in 1967 came the 2nd generation and the Muscle Mustang was born.

With more defined and muscular proportions than the earlier cars, the ’67 Mustangs have always been eye-catching to say the least. What we have here for one lucky winner, is the chance to own a very special Right Hand Drive 1967 Ford Mustang.

This 1967 Mustang is built as a tribute to the late great Carroll Shelby. The car was built using as many genuine Shelby parts and pieces as possible to create a wonderful homage to the cars that were crafted by Shelby’s team in Southern California during the 1960s. This Mustang has taken on the persona of a GT350 with correct wheels, tires, grille, badges, steering wheel, lights and bonnet.

During this Ford Mustang’s restoration, a number of changes were made to bring it up to Shelby spec. One of those changes was having the entire car converted to be Right Hand Drive. Extensive work was done to fit an Australian power steering rack beneath the V8 and to work alongside the car’s 1 inch lowered stance. This, makes the car unique and incredibly useable here in Britain.

During it’s restoration, every part of the car was dismantled and either repaired or replaced as evidenced in the extensive images supplied during its rebuild. All new panels were fitted to allow the ’67 Mustang to by all intents become a ’67 Shelby Mustang from the outside. Along with its cosmetic restoration, a full mechanical restoration was also carried out on the car. All new suspension, brakes (the fronts have been converted to a later Wilwood disc set up) and control arms were fitted to ensure a feel than would have been better than new. Along with that, the 302 cubic inch Windsor V8 was torn down and rebuilt.

The engine is reported to have been rebored slightly and machined to accept new pistons, bearings, timing chain and then once that was complete a brand new gasket set was fitted to the powerhouse that lay beneath its blue and white striped hood. The aesthetics under the bonnet also follow the original Shelby cars. The signature ‘’Cobra’’ air and rocker covers sit beneath the curved ‘’Monte Carlo Bar’’, but peak closer and you’ll see an identical exhaust header to that of the fabled GT350 to give this pony, the same menacing roar of it’s smaller brother. When paired with its 5 speed manual transmission this Mustang is a true driving enthusiast car but also perfect for long and comfortable roadtrips.

The interior of the car also benefitted from its exterior Shelby-inspired upgrades. A matching blue and white interior adorns the cabin of the car along with a Right Hand Drive wooden faced dashboard emblazoned with a sweep of Auto Meter gauges. The car was also fitted with a stunning white soft-top which can is electronically controlled from inside the car and folds away behind a matching roof cover. A perfect place to watch the miles roll past your windows and soak in the glorious growl of that iconic V8.

This is a rare and unique chance to own one of the most iconic cars of all time and with the myriad of upgrades and details, we believe it makes this car truly one of a kind.


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