Competition Winners

Please feel free to browse through our winners, read their story to stardom and see them with their newly won motor.

We get in touch with our winners as soon as their name has been drawn, whether that be via a phone call live on air or through an email that evening. Regardless of how we reach them, we always organise for the car to be delivered to their doorstep at the nearest convenient time.

1989 TVR S2

Congratulations to Jarlath Joyce, winner with ticket number 2343.

1966 Ford Mustang

Congratulations to Colin Dixon, winner of the 1966 Ford Mustang with ticket number 2795.

1988 Porsche 924S

Congratulations to Tajinder Hans, winner of the 1988 Porsche 924S with ticket number 1239.

1964 MGB Roadster

Congratulations to Graham Haigh, winner of our 1964 MGB Roadster with ticket number 2201.